About Me


A lot of life is about balance. I want my time on Earth to be filled with as many good, beneficial, fruitful, and fun times as possible. And that requires balance. While I’m not a pro, I think I strike a pretty fair balance of work, growth and fun. My professional side has its pages on this site, so here’s a little about the balancing factors in my life, the parts that round out my story.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Hook,” the story of Peter Pan after he’s grown into middle age, you know that “to live would be an awfully big adventure,” and you can be sure I’m trying my hardest to fill my adventure with good stories — stories of faces, places, and experiences that make for good retelling. I enjoy outdoor climbing, kayaking, fishing, running, and cycling. If I haven’t told you about exploits in Airman’s Cave or my trip to Ireland or Africa, then you must need to hang out with me more.

Indoors I’m a bit of a handyman. I’ve renovated most of my house now and can handle anything from plumbing to siding, sinks, cabinets, drywall, electrical, and roofing.

Music is another source of fun in my life. My freshman year of college I picked up a guitar and taught myself enough to keep me happy, allow me to sing my heart, and even lead worship sometimes. However, more than playing the guitar, I absolutely love LOVE LOVE playing the french horn. I started playing in 7th grade (that’s since 1996, or 15 years, but who’s counting?) and was blessed to have the best middle school director in Virginia teaching me so that when I moved to Texas, where the bands own every other states’ programs, I was able to hold my own. I played for Lamar University on scholarship and while I was there played with the Lamar Wind Ensemble at the Western international Band Clinic and then at the Texas Music Educator’s Association’s annual meeting in San Antonio. I currently play for the Lamar Civic orchestra.