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I Got a Puppy!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Ok, so she's not a fluffy dog — mostly catahoula — but Annabelle is just the sweetest dog ever! One of the guys at work picked her up after our company picnic and had been looking for a good home for her. You know, I can resist any impulse buy that a grocery can throw at me, but offer me a free puppy that's pretty lovable and I'm sold! I got her Monday and after playing around with her a little bit with  Sarah Jennings and Kate, I drug Sarah Jordan and Grace to Petco with me to get the essentials. The first toy? a fire hose that should be durable and good for teething. Hopefully Sarah Jennings approves, she insisted on something that could be soaked and frozen without holding water and getting moldy. Also, it appears that I should've bought online :-( Annabelle's next toy I think needs to be made of retired climbing rope. If you want to donate, let me know!


Annabelle is taking to training well. She's super responsive and learning this week to sit, walk on a leash without dragging me, and wait to eat until I give her the ok. I'm pretty proud. She does have the usual problem with "sit" of now assuming that any command I give means to sit. We'll get it fixed, though.

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In other news, I still haven't missed a single Lamar football home game in 20 years! And it looks like my perfect record will continue for another week,! It was soo good to see Wes Mayfield at the game last week; kudos on the job, bro! and as it was pointed out, with Joe there, too, we had 3 generations of emperors side by side. What a fun reunion as we cheered the team (and the band!) to victory!

Watching the marching band is so exciting for me. There are so many memories I have of marching in high school — the bus rides, the games, competitions. Band was where I met my first school friends after moving to Texas and there's nothing to bring a group together like spending half of every day of the last month of summer together. I remember my first "Horn Cleaning Party" where freshmen were taught to, you guessed it, properly clean their horn. Brass-O only goes on slides! Really, it was a time for us to bond while playing in a kiddie pool that we used to give out horns a bath. Last I heard, the Horn Cleaning Party, a tradition for years before I got there, had  been abandoned at Crockett, but I don't know anyone there anymore to confirm or deny. I'm also pretty sure I've never danced as much as I did in the stands of Burger Stadium. Be thankful! It's not a pretty sight! Well, that's enough reminiscing for now.

Here's where I've been  reading this week: Acts 17-20, Luke 22, Ephesians 4

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