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Time Flies

time fly-136x165I was reminded today by Greg that it has now been three years — three years, two weeks & two days to be exact — since we graduated. It's amazing how fast the time has gone and while I often think in terms of age (Ask Alissa how old I am. She insists that I was in school for 12 years), I don't frequently consider how far removed I am from some of the most significant times of my life. Sure I still have friends in school, beaucoups of them really, but I'm starting to feel my role changing in the lives of young friends and the youth at church.

So here are some of the things that have happened in 3 years.

Probably most significantly I've had two, count them, TWO real world, full time salaried and with benefits jobs with responsibilities and projects that depend on me to get done! I conquered the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam a year out of school, preparing me for licensure as a Professional Engineer, which may be as close as a year and a half away. I've picked up kayak fishing and cycling as hobbies, run a half and full marathon, and gone to the end of one of what most consider the most difficult cave in Texas. Between work and play, travels have taken me to Georgia (and my home town, good ole Villa Rica), Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Ireland.

Financially, God has allowed me to pay off 12k in credit card debt and make a 10k dent in the loan that bought my house and paid for my last years of school. He's let me save 20% of my income and has been faithful to provide for all my needs and so much more. I learned earlier this year the adage is true that you can't outgive God. Ask and I'll tell you the story.

To the high schoolers at church I'm no longer a picture of the next immediate step in their lives, but just a figure in the distance, and to the students in my Middle School Choir I don't even know what it means to have fun. Where just years ago I was the voice of someone older that they could relate to, I am now the same as anyone else that might work with them or a parent offering advice. This is how life moves and it is all OK with me, but represents a change in the way I look at my ministry within the church, having now to speak as an elder, not a peer.

So the question arises, what do I do with these changes? And the answer I think is that I keep changing. I don't want to be the same person I was in college. I want to grow and learn and hopefully not give up on fun times, but mature into a man of God. I remember in high school when a young lady a year my elder whom I dearly respected wrote to me after a mission trip, "You're so much more than a goofball." The feeling was so confused – a mix of pride  (as she went on to say how she'd seen my maturity) and stabbing at the idea that for years all she'd seen was a clown. I get the same feeling when week after week folks that I see at church every Sunday ask, "Are you out of school yet?" and I wonder if all they see is another man acting like a kid. I hope not.

2 Peter 3.17-18

Disclaimer to my friends in school still: I, of course, hold you very dear and hope you don't think I'm to old to stay close!

New Camera = New Entry!

Well, so much has changed since the fall! So here's the short of it.

In April I started a new job at ENGlobal. After a lot of talk about me filing all sorts of roles, it looks like I'll be a controls engineer (programmer) for a large project that'll go for years and should be a great place for me to make my name in the company.


Now, enough about boring work. This Spring I gave up and decided I had to plant at garden at the house. Since the dog lives in the back yard, there weren't many options for location. The solution? I bought a water trough and filled it with soil! OK, I did clear a slot next to the patio, too. And it's a good thing, because I am not good at saying no when I'm buying plants.

I ate my first homegrown squash yesterday and more are promised for next week! I only have 1 tomato forming from the first round of blossoms and its an inch wide, but the second tier is quick on its tail with several blossoms that set. Cucumbers had their first male blossoms yesterday, but females are a few days off and we'll have to hope that there will be males around when it happens.

The green beans are a foot tall now and growing steady, but I still feel like they're way behind the curve :-(  The aforementioned cucumbers also got to a late start when I almost killed them by over watering, but have come back to life and are determined to catch the squash! I do love having plants around.IMG_0002-400x300

Now for those of you who could care less about plant life, I'll fill you in on some of the rest of it.

I went to a few Lamar baseball games in the last 2 weeks and had fun at each. Some of the folks that joined me claimed to be bored, but I don't think you can go to a baseball game and expect to be on the edge of your seat the whole time. Time with friends is probably my biggest reason to go to one. Chatting is pretty much all they're good for, am I right? Especially when you have as good company as I did!

Let me take a minute toss out a super congrats to Thomas and Marcie Lee who kicked off the 2011 Wedding Season absolutely beautifully with their garden wedding! We're uber excited for the two of you! and I can't wait for Tim and Mattie's country wedding in a week and a half!

I've been cycling a bit more these days taking my longest ride last Saturday, but more on that later! Now that I've fixed (hopefully) a few issues I was fighting with the site I'm looking forward to blogging a bit more. If the images load slowly, let me know. Also, I want to apologize for a slight change. If you want to comment now you must have an account! If you already have one, it's still valid. That being said, it's perfectly safe and I obviously won't sell your email to anyone.

Later Days!

*UPDATE! You may now freely comment again without the burden (some people are such whiners) of creating an account. Thanks for hanging with me as I continue to shape things.