Monthly Archives: June 2011

Garden Updates and a Surprise!

IMG_0162-300x225Since you would see the pics anyways, I figure I can go ahead and spill the beans. Annabelle had puppies! That promiscuous little puppy of mine got out one day while she was in heat (I still don't know how) and played with the neighbors' mutt all day. I don't know why they didn't bother to put her back, as I know that she's a nuisance when that happens, making their dog bark and eating his food. To my surprise, however, her litter looks nothing like him, but 3 are black like the pitbull across the street! It'll take a few weeks to know for sure, since there is aIMG_0143-300x225 slim chance the father is my parents' dog Bubba, who likes to bolt to pick fights with coyotes. Over the winter he ended up in pretty bad shape after an excursion and the realization the he might not have to much time left is the reason that I didn't have Annabelle fixed in the first place. So now I have 6 adorable puppies! It's a huge litter so Annabelle is struggling to put weight back on, being so young. But look at those things! Aren't they cute!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or at least the patio)… the dog isn't the only part of my home being fruitful! The garden continues to spew squash. Tomatoes are finally putting on some size and my cucumber vines are putting out their first female flowers. That means they have little baby cucumbers on the stems before the flower that will hopefully be pollinated and grow into slicers and picklers! Garden Garden Garden! Next week – or when I get around to it – I'll link to a spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of my summer harvest. That'll probably IMG_0152-400x300happen whenever I start getting something in other than squash! My green beans have crawled to the top of their trellis and have their first flowers now, too. I just hope I can coax them into growing on a string now over to the fence since there isn't any more room for them to grow upwards.

I'll be riding my bike in the Spindletop Spin tomorrow, which will be my longest ride to date. 3 Saturdays ago I rode 48 miles, then 49 last Saturday and will ride 52 this week. I'm strong enough to go a lot farther now, but the next distance for the race is 100 mi and I have stuff to do in the afternoon, so 52 it is! I'll be in the market for a new bike some time in the summer if budget allows, so if you know anyone getting rid of a decent road bike, let me know!


Also, Tim, Mattie, I'm so grateful to have been present at your wedding! I can't say it enough how great ya'll are together!