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Novorossiysk Picture

I just received an email with a few pictures of where my work is about to take me. This is a view of the port in Novorossiysk, Russia, from the site where I'll be working. My visa is in the works  and it looks like I'll be going this fall.


IMG_1485-400x300If you've been wondering if I've dropped my blog forever, I'm glad to say that you're wrong! I have, however, been super busy. For 3 weeks I was staying in Houston working at ENGlobal's fabrication facility while the control cabinets and my code for the pipeline control project that I've been working on were being tested. After finishing testing of my part last week, I've been commuting in as support. Through all of this, I've been working 12+ hour days, but the end is in sight for this phase!

The good news is that as things have slowed down, I've been able to visit with a lot of friends, and even meet some new ones.

I may get to talking about some of my dinners with friends in another post, but first let me describe what the work environment has been like around here. The client is a pipeline consortium, a group of several companies using and operating a single pipeline. Here at our FAT, Factory Acceptance Test, we've had representatives from the consortium as well as a separate group from the biggest player in the consortium who have been the driving force. 8 panels, mine and another pump station's, have been powered up and repeatedly inspected by members of the two clients groups, ENGlobal employees, third party inspectors, as well as, well, myself.


The environment has ranged from pressured to heated, but things are stable now and about wrapped on my end. After an almost 4 week hiatus from cycling, I got to ride 50mi with the group on Saturday (before driving back to Houston to work in the afternoon) and 86 on Labor day.

More later.