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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Novorossiysk, Russia! I've been here for a week and a half now and should be flying back early, some time next week, because there's still a lot of construction and installation to be done here before I'm needed. My guess is that I'll be returning to Novo in January, but nothing is certain. Most of my time has been spent in Chevron's office here, but I finally got to see the control room, where I'll be be working when I come back, yesterday. I did get a few pictures, but the sun was in the background, so they're all washed out. I do, however, have a few photos from the hotel and some meals on facebook.

All the Americans in the office shared Thanksgiving wishes today and one of the natives brought in a turkey, so at least one of the guys will have a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. All the Russians asked about the day, as well as a British guy. I did get to enjoy a traditional dinner today, lasagna, salad, and beer :-) AND I've got "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" loading on Youtube as we speak. Charlie Brown is kinda my fav part of, well, any time of year that has an associated episode.

Today I'm most thankful for life through Christ, then family — especially my little niece who turns 4 today — and friends that hold me together. I'm thankful that I'll be home at Christmas, for which I had been scheduled to be over here.

Please accept my blessings and best wishes for life as God intends it,