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An Intermediate Post

I’ve been trying to be become more regular with my BMs — you know, blogular movements — lately, but I’m sad to say that I’ve got half a dozen unfinished posts lying around. Sorry about that. I will leave you with 3 updates, though.

1) I did have an especially pleasant weekend last week.

2) My branch of ENGlobal has been sold to another company, Furminite, but my project stays with ENGlobal. Stuff just got interesting.

3) I’m starting my trip home tomorrow! No, for reals this time. When I get back, I’ll catch up on paperwork and then take some time off to chill with friends and fam. See ya’ll soon!

Blessings and Shalom,

At the Time When Kings Go Off to War

“In the Spring, at the time when kings go off to warAaron Chinn” It’s a phrase that gets repeated in my head more times during a day than I can count for months on end (perhaps thanks to a certain well-known wind composer, but ultimately because God put it there). So it’s time to talk about what it means to me. This was the time that David got into all of his trouble with Bathsheba. I’m sure it wasn’t a sin for him to take the season off (though it probably wasn’t leadership, par excellence). Rather, by not putting himself where he belonged, David found himself surrounded by temptation and then did some pretty heinous things, right?

There was a discipline required for a king to get up off his arse and lead an army into war. If he was a good king, he would be in shape and on the front line risking his life. It’s no revelation, but a reminder that for us to avoid sin, there is a proper place for brothers and sisters in Christ to belong and things we need to do.

We need to be around believers. If David had been in battle, he would’ve been accountable to all the soldiers he was with and that’s how it is for us when we are engaged in the body of Christ on earth, the Church. I say engaged… I can’t really find a word to describe the kind of active brotherhood makes men and ladies feel such devotion that to fail as an individual is to let down the whole team. I’d guess those that have served in the military know it better than the rest of us. Regardless, this should be our relationship to the church — not simply that is is a place to have godly friends, or learn, or follow, or serve. This is what Paul means when he talks about the Body. There is an interdependence of its members. *sigh* I need to remember this more often.

Furthermore, for us to be where we belong, there is discipline involved. The most basic of spiritual disciplines is reading the Bible and it’s been my focus recently thanks to an article a friend posted recently on fb (ignore the plugs for Biblica written in there). The writer speaks of 3 ways that we do it wrong and was struck by the third. This is my blog so I get to pick and choose what’s important and today it’s reading the Word in community. Personally, I read most consistently when I know that I’ll be looking at several chapters in a group. I don’t want to be the one that’s looking at stuff for the first time when we sit down to talk about it. For me, Sunday school often fills this role in my life of a place to read together. For you, a great idea would be to have a reading group that reads through the Bible together. Either way I hope you’ll consider where this is happening in your life and whether you might need to step it up. Think about all the disciplines this way.

When David made fell so hard with Uriah and Bathsheba it was because he was not where he belonged. For me, this means asking daily, “Where do I belong?” and “Am I there?” What will be written after “On July 8, 2013, at the time when Aaron should be studying the Word of God…”?

Blessings and Shalom,

Russian Countryside

I’ve now moved from my perfect home-away-from-home, Novorossiysk, to a mid-sized city east several hours east of the Black Sea and it’s been surprisingly pleasant so far (you know, all 4 days). The drive over through farmland felt like a scene from the Mid-West, passing between wheat and corn fields. Wheat fields, — I know — are a very American image, but didn’t really do anything for me, but I felt at home looking out at the tall corn stalks with their wild adolescent cowlicks sticking up. More surprising, though, was that I felt a warmth come over me when the Pajero went by a few miles of young rice paddies. Perhaps I’ve lived in SouthEast Texas too long! More foreign was the sight of beet and potato fields, and sunflower fields which I know we have in the US, but it’s new to me and especially uplifting to see an entire field facing me, smiling :-)

Forgive the power lines. At least you know you're not getting a doctored photo.

Forgive the power lines. At least you know you’re not getting a doctored photo. I pass this field ever day on the way to and from work.

I’ll share a few more pics .

Itty Bitty Apricots

Apricots growing wild by my facility.

Just moss.

Just moss.


Some type of wild mint? The leaves tastes mildly minty, but their veins were awfully bitter.

A sidewalk in the woods

This is a sidewalk in the treeline that separates the site from the wheat field next door.

Blessings and shalom,