Monthly Archives: September 2013

An American from Texas

I just read in a book a description which I hope to live up to (though not framed in the retelling of the refusal of a marriage proposal as in the book!). Anyways, to the text!

He is such a nice fellow, an American from Texas, and he looks so fresh and young that is seems impossible that he has been to so many places and had such adventures… He began pouring out a perfect torrent of lovemaking, laying his very heart and soul at my feet.

There’s more to it, but sharing it in full would require picking it out from among the details of rejection, which I’d rather skip.

Beyond living an adventureful life and being regarded at ‘young and fresh’ (if only by one), it will be the joy of my life to finally meet someone into whom I can empty whole of my heart and I’ll pray that I can do it without tripping over my head or my tongue. [I almost started that sentence with “Someday,” but caught myself because, of course “Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’.”]