Monthly Archives: October 2013

It Frightened Me to Think of It

Today: A brief assessment of my feelings towards working for extended periods abroad…

Though I haven’t been worked to death in a long time now — the hours over here haven’t been crippling, just enough to limit my exercise, reading, and time for gathering thoughts here — being away from home and friends reminded me of something Donald Miller said 8 years ago looking back on his 20s.

“It frightened me to think of it — that I passed up an early marriage and children to write these silly books.”

As Pepe Le Pew would say, “Le sigh.” Blue Like Jazz changed a lot of lives, but DM still had doubts about whether that’s how he should’ve used his time. I’m praying that those don’t become my sentiments as I look back on the past year (and conceivably the next two) where I’ve given so much to my career. My current feelings are that I’m laying a solid financial foundation for my future family, but regrets are sneaky little boogers and severe effort must go into living in order to avoid them. Thankfully God knows what He’s doing with me and as long as He’s first I don’t have to worry.

Blessings and Shalom,

Cool Runnings

It was cold running last night. I must need to go faster.

Fall hit fast and fierce in south Russia and I will have to do some quick acclimating because I do not like running with temps in the 30s. Yesterday I finished at 2 miles after turning around for a tight glute. It’s a bummer because 2 miles is just beyond the point where blood starts going to my hands again and I warm up. Oh well.

Thankfully my hotel here comes with a pass to a local gym, so I should be able to hit the exercise bike some time next week.