Tangible Aspirations

My primary goal right now is to become a licensed Professional Engineer. I’ve passed the FE exam and am more than half way to being able to take Professional Engineering Exam and Ethics Exam for licensure. With test day looming, I will begin my studying in a few short months. Certified Automation Professional, through the ISA is another title I may seek.


Intangible Pursuits

Job satisfaction is always the unattainable goal (think of the chasing of satisfaction as a mathematical limit) that is the culmination of 3 things — work environment, personal dedication, and sense of accomplishment. There is limited control over work environment, and sense of accomplishment. Sense of accomplishment is often improved with my dedication, but correlation is not linear, so without being a job-hopper the greatest gain comes when I raise my dedication to a company, job, and project. This is my personal goal — to give of my skills and better my skills so that my company benefits, recognizing that I will ultimately find gain.